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We specialise in providing glazed prescription lenses to cater for all needs, offering a wide variety of products to suit your patient’s lifestyle. Including glazed prescription lenses.

Our lenses come in a variety of materials, including Standard CR39, Polycarbonate, Trivex and high index materials ranging from 1.6 – 1.74, Glass lenses are available in index 1.52 – 1.9.

Glazed Prescription Lenses


We offer a wide range of photochromic, or ‘light-reactive’ lenses to cater to those who suffer from light sensitivity, or who simply prefer the convenience of their specs automatically tinting when they go outdoors. We currently stock the full range of Transitions Generation 8 including the new XTRActive and XTRActive Polarised lenses, Sun-X-Speed, and now the full range Hoya Sensity.


We provide a variety of specialist coatings to fulfil your patient’s needs, from simple scratch resistant hard coating to multilayered anti-reflective technology, incorporating factors such as hydrophobic lens surface, anti-static properties and a massive 99.9% reduction in reflections on the lens surface.

We supply the full range of coatings available from Essilor, BBGR, Hoya, Zeiss and more.

Revolutionary Protection Against Reflection

Tints and Mirrors

We can tint lenses to any colour you desire. Lenses are immersed in hot dye, allowing pigment to be absorbed, causing the lens to darken and change colour. Dark sunglasses or bright, vibrant colours can easily be achieved with our range of coloured dyes.

We also offer graduated tints, with gradual decrease in lens darkness across the lens surface. Mirror tints are available in a range of colours to suit your more eccentric patients.


Progressive lenses are available in both conventional, and back-surfaced freeform designs from a range of different suppliers, to suit any budget.

Conventional lenses are available from Essilor, BBGR and Hoya, or you can choose from our wide range of freeform lenses which utilise new and innovative technology to create a tailor-made lens surface with every product.

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